Pledge Engineering & Trading is a part of eco-friendly solar mission. It powers turnkey solution to deliver the best for the following solar power installations.

Utility scale solar power plants

Pledge Engineering & Trading set up utility scale projects to reduce the energy crisis faced by people. We provide solutions beginning from feasibility study, project development, financing, construction and operational management of the solar power project.

Rooftop solar power plants

Using solar technology, businesses could generate clean, reasonably priced power by installing rooftop solar systems consisting of photovoltaic (PV) panels.
Residence: Pledge Engineering & Trading is definite that houses could generate their own power by installing PV modules on their roof tops.
Commercial: Pledge Engineering & Trading provides with customized solutions through solar business unit for industries to have a clean and long run power system of their own.

Solar streetlights

Pledge Engineering & Trading street lighting systems provide cost savings by avoiding cable and cable trench work for installation. And also the electric bill is zero for the life of the system. We design and install street lights for roads, apartment complexes and villages.
We design them based on the power consumption by the fixture and available sunlight in the installation area.
The battery backup comes with a minimum set autonomy for long battery life.